A summer hit from the USA available in Germany!

There is nothing more refreshing than delicious ice cream, but ice cream can be more than the previously known ball of vanilla or strawberry. From the USA, the traditional Snow Cone now known as KaBreezies Sno-Cups has found its way to Europe: grated ice, reminiscent of fine snow, soaked with extraordinary taste: Whether „Purple Crush“, „Tropic Thunder“ or „Cotton Candy“, KaBeeezies Sno-Cups are versatile, Colorful and incredibly delicious.

Sno Cups
We are adding Thickness to your Long Drinks!

The sun goes down and the party starts with our Infused SnoCups, The range is epic & enormous: our #1 infused products such as Red MaKuss Daiquiri & Black On Pink Sangria (B.O.P.S) are our own one of kind mixtures with MaKuss (Red MaKuss Daiquiri) & Luc Belaire Rose (B.O.P.S) mixed with KaBreezies Flavoring. Also infused with Tequila, Amaretto, Lemoncello or even herbal liqueur - mixed with our own concentrated flavos, we bring cocktails to a next level and much thicker to last longer. So, you have never enjoyed your favorite drinks like you will with KaBreezies Sno-Cups in your hand.

The extraordinary highlight of your celebration!

Thanks to our KaBreezies Sno-Cup Express Truck, not only is our Sno-Cups a highlight at your event, but it can also be served anywhere. We are also equipped with mobile set up options indoor events throughout the Fall & Winter seasons, that will always inspire your guest’s spirits with KaBreezies Sno-Cups. 
Come see for yourself at one of our events, which can be taken from our facebook event calendar and get a taste for yourself.